Commercial Mortgages for growing businesses

Commercial mortgages play a pivotal role in growth of businesses. These commercial loans are acquired for procuring, developing, and refurbishing a property. Commercial Mortgages can be used for legitimate business purpose only. Professional practices, making offices, industrial units, vehicle showrooms, restaurants, student accommodations, children’s day nurseries, hotels, and warehouses are the most common examples. Commercial Mortgages are suitable for all … Read More

Repowering N.Ireland Wind Turbines

Due to the government’s commitment on achieving net zero by 2050, the repowering of Wind Turbines in Northern Ireland is more important than ever. Why Repowering? Repowering illustrates the process of replacing older units with new, higher capacity turbines or modifying them with more efficient components. The use of the latest wind turbine technology can result into better support for electric … Read More

Benefits of Recovery Loan Scheme – RLS

COVID – 19 has affected the small firms more than the large enterprises. Many businesses have shut down while others are still striving to sustain. The recovery loan scheme announced in the spring 2021 budget, aims to kickstart business with financial aid. RLS is an excellent option to inject much needed capital into your business. Backed by the British Business … Read More

Delivering effective EdTech into Schools and Colleges in the midst of COVID-19

As we navigate yet another lockdown cycle, schools and colleges face a steep learning curve to rapidly execute virtual curriculums. But, as we steer towards a post Covid-19 life, it is integral that we not only recognise what we have learnt, but also continue to implement it, to evolve and improve the outcomes for our learners and educators. “The future … Read More

Vision Asset Finance partner with Adobe Sign

Vision Asset Finance (VAF), a leading UK based broker of asset finance facilities and financial services, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Adobe Sign.  The partnership will allow Vendor Partners and Clients, to sign, send, and manage their documents and agreements while reducing the costs and hassle of working with paper to transact business. Adobe Sign has been … Read More

Thinking Differently: Leading in Lockdown

We are living in an unprecedented moment. A significant time of global disruption. It feels like everything is changing, yet some things don’t change. We still need to run our organisations, manage our teams, somehow make sales just to name a few but how do we do it with this new normal? We do not have a manual for how … Read More

Thinking Differently: Maximise Your Time

As business leaders, we seem to be living under constant pressure. Our to do lists never seem to end. My inbox is overflowing… I am behind on that sales target… I missed 17 phone calls this morning… I really need to be updating our social media page… I need to get round to doing that performance review. I am sure … Read More

Short Term Loan to pay Tax

HMRC’s tax payments due by midnight on 31 January therefore many of our clients are exploring the option of a short term loan to help spread this expense. Our short term business loans enable costs to be spread over a 3 to 12 month term. This therefore allows you to free up cash for investment in other areas of your business. Why have … Read More

Business Loans for Modular Buildings

Welcome to the Future of Buildings. Vision Asset Finance partners with KES Group to deliver business loans for modular buildings alongside their SmartBuild programme. When time and money are at a premium, efficiency is everything. A high-performance prefabricated building is often the perfect decision. Off-site construction offers a building that is designed and precisely tailored to meet your requirements. Fully project managed … Read More

Leasing Windows 10 device upgrades

At Vision Asset Finance, we lease Windows 10 upgrades. Microsoft have announced that from Tuesday, 14 January, that support for Windows 7 will be no more. This announcement will force companies who are currently running this operating system to upgrade their technology. Without continued software and security updates, Windows 7 machines will be more likely to be infected with viruses and malware. … Read More