Financing for Solar PV Systems

Commercial Solar Panels use the energy harnessed by sun rays into electricity that may be used in your building or business. If you add battery storage, the energy may be stored for later use.

Solar PV technology is therefore having a positive impact on the environment as we seek to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. An optimally designed Solar Panel array is an excellent way for businesses to reduce their electric costs.

Why finance your Solar PV array?

If you want the financial benefits of owning a Commercial PV installation, then financing Solar PV is a great option to spread the cost over a suitable period of time. Solar panels are a very cost-effective technology and profitable investment. Financing the cost of them will protect your cash-flow while securing longer term benefits of lower energy costs for your site or building.

Benefits of Solar Panel Financing

  • Generate Renewable Electricity for Free
  • Flexible financing terms
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Payback for your solar panel investment at a monthly fixed rate
  • Leasing and Hire Purchase terms available up to 7 years
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lower electric bills
  • Lower carbon footprints
  • Potentially increases the value of your business.

EXEED grant scheme offers up to €1,000,000 grant support per project for the businesses who are interested in the energy investment project in Ireland.

Note: The UK Feed-in Tariff (FiTs) program ended in 2019 and is not accepting new applications.

Since the cost of electricity has been increasing, installation of Solar PV has become more relevant for businesses seeking to reduce their energy costs. Solar Panels offer low maintenance costs and long warranties which help to meet your energy needs and reduce the environmental impact of your business.

Vision Asset Finance provides competitive finance options for Solar PVs. We can help you in arranging the finance to fund the cost of installing solar panels for your business. Our Renewables Finance team is on hand to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss your project.