Delivering effective EdTech into Schools and Colleges in the midst of COVID-19

As we navigate yet another lockdown cycle, schools and colleges face a steep learning curve to rapidly execute virtual curriculums. But, as we steer towards a post Covid-19 life, it is integral that we not only recognise what we have learnt, but also continue to implement it, to evolve and improve the outcomes for our learners and educators.

“The future of technology in the education sector is not only exciting but also empowering for educators and students from pre-school to Ph.D.”         

Paul Walsh Chief Digital Officer at Lenovo

To effectively deliver a ‘new way of doing things’ schools need to understand their ‘Edtech needs’ and implement the right procurement strategy to effectively maximise the impact of limited budgets.

Vision Asset Finance (VAF) can recommend trusted suppliers to meet your particular needs. In addition, VAF offers specific finance solutions for the Education sector, through Operating Lease arrangements.  

With our accumulated knowledge acquired from over 20 years in finance and constant engagement with our stakeholders in the education sector, VAF have designed and launched the Edulease platform to meet the evolving needs of education clients.

Edulease offers exclusive access to Operating Lease Quotations and Applications on a wide range of essential assets for education. As technology increases its prominence in delivering educational curriculums, financing such assets through Edulease is becoming increasingly relevant, which may be the best way to diversify and modernise your teaching methods in the most efficient way.