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Take Your Sales to the Next Level

By working with us, you and your team can increase sales by allowing your customers access to different financing options in a quick and simple way.

Many businesses prefer to acquire their assets by lease financing rather than through outright purchase. Offering competitive finance terms to your customers is an important part of any reseller or vendor’s sales proposal.

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Why offer clients a lease financing option?

Higher Sales

It can often be pivotal in securing a sale.

Ability To Upsell

Leasing can help generate higher order values and protect margins.

Better Cash Flow

Leasing improves your cash flow

Repeat Sales

Helps with customer retention as you can effectively schedule equipment upgrades.

Beat The Competition

Develop a competitive edge over other suppliers of similar products.

Simple Process

It is simpler than you think. Let us do the hard work for you.


Through our VAF vendor reward programme you can access our reward catalogue e.g. amazon vouchers, iPads and more.

How does lease financing benefit your clients?

No Major Upfront Costs

Leasing plans enable your clients to get the assets they need now.

Flexible Payment Options

They can pay Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually by Direct Debit, Standing Order or Invoice.

Conserves Working Capital

Cash remains king in all economic conditions.

Improve Return on Investment

Paying over time allows them to pay as they use, so you achieve a faster return than if you pay upfront.

Easy Upgrades

Leasing plans enable clients to stay up to date with their technology and equipment.


Leasing payments may be offset against taxable profits.

Fast Credit Decisions

Credit decisions can be made within quick.

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Over 20 Years of Experience

High Acceptance Rates

Great Customer Relationships

Competitive Rates

Our Extensive Range of Funders

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