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At Vision Asset Finance, we offer Aviation Financing. Aviation is one of the world’s fastest-moving sectors, combining technology, innovation, entrepreneurialism, economic development, infrastructure support, demographic growth, contribution to globalisation and a touch of glamour. We can offer different options for financing.

Leasing Aviation assets and equipment is an effective way to manage cash-flow. Leasing is essentially a method of renting an asset over an appropriate period of time. It is a long established method for businesses in the Aviation sector to get to the next level.

We also offer competitive loans for helicopters and light aircrafts. An Aircraft mortgage is a loan agreement where money is used to buy an aircraft and where we take security in the form of a charge or mortgage on the aircraft.

Aviation Mortgages are the most sensible way of spreading the cost of these high value assets whilst giving us security over the asset.

How does the loan work?

  • You select the helicopter aircraft of your choice and we sign a loan agreement with you.
  • This requires you or your business to pay a fixed number of loan repayments over a fixed period of time.
  • The interest charges are normally fixed throughout the agreement.

We pay the loan advance to you or your business. In order to secure the loan, we need the registration and other particulars of the aircraft. In some cases a professional valuation or survey is required to determine the condition and value of the aircraft. We will also seek register the mortgage interest with the relevant authority. Note: We can arrange aviation finance for both UK and US registered aircraft and assist with transfers if necessary.

We also provide competitive financing terms on all manner of Airport assets including X-Ray machines, baggage handling equipment and airside transport systems.

If you would like to find out more about aviation financing, get a quick below or call us today on +44 (0)28 2565 6000,

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