Repowering N.Ireland Wind Turbines

Due to the government’s commitment on achieving net zero by 2050, the repowering of Wind Turbines in Northern Ireland is more important than ever.

Why Repowering?

Repowering illustrates the process of replacing older units with new, higher capacity turbines or modifying them with more efficient components. The use of the latest wind turbine technology can result into better support for electric grid and better power quality production.

Benefits of Repowering

  • The most recent turbine technology has higher capacity factor helping to boost production with fewer turbines.
  • Repowering N.Ireland wind turbines doesn’t just improve performance but also increase returns for the operator.
  • Reduces the dependency on fossil fuels, resulting lower carbon emissions.
  • To make the wind turbine sites more efficient.
  • Latest wind turbines will also minimise the risk of operation and maintenance.
  • Repowering also offers continued development of the renewables industry.

NIRO the Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation has been the main support mechanism for encouraging increased renewable electricity generation in N.I.

Roc’s Incentive

ROCs are certificates issued to operators of accredited renewable generating stations for the eligible renewable electricity that were accredited before 2017. The fully connected on site wind turbines owners receive support under the NIRO for 20 years or until 2037, whichever is sooner. Repowering these wind turbines now will optimise energy output and quality.

The Regulations

  • Without planning permission repowering wind turbine scheme cannot be proceed.
  • Ofgem must be informed prior to decomissioning and reaccreditation of the site is required. .
  • If a land lease exists, re-negotiation is often required with the landowner.
  • Project owners should seek legal and tax advice before commencing a repowering project.

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