Stock Loans

Release needed capital against inventory

Stocking Loans release capital against inventory that would otherwise be tied up as raw materials, work in progress or finished goods.

Through stock finance, a lender purchases stock from you at a discount following a third party stock valuation to establish its true value. You then provide the funder with weekly or monthly stock listings before agreeing on future levels of funding.

The exact level of business funding that will be available depends on the type of stock you are looking to release cash against, be it raw materials, work in progress or finished goods.

What are the benefits of having a stock loan through Vision Asset Finance?

  • Releases working capital that would otherwise be tied up within your balance sheet to boost your business’ cash flow.
  • Leverage funding against additional assets such as debtors, property, plant and machinery in addition to surplus stock.
  • Revolving facility to enable access to capital as and when you need it.

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