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Marine Mortgages are a new financial service from Vision Asset Finance. We can assist you in purchasing a new boat, upgrading an existing one, or even financing a rebuild. We offer competitive terms tailored according to your personal needs and requirements.

A Marine Mortgage is a secured loan against the vessel. The cost of a marine mortgage is dependent upon various factors such as your credit score, use, age, and condition of the boat, also the amount or size of the deposit.

Marine Mortgages are the most sensible way of spreading the cost of purchasing a boat whilst giving us security over the asset.

How does a Marine Mortgage work?

  • You identify your preferred boat and confirm your preference with us. 
  • Assessment of budget is necessary including taxes, maintenance fees, marina fees, any additional equipment, insurance, and training if required.
  • Subject to credit approval, you will be offered a loan with a mortgage.
  • You are required to repay the loan under fixed terms and conditions.
  • The rate of interest is also fixed throughout the mortgage agreement.
  • We can finance yachts, motorboats, workboats and RIBs.
  • Minimum financing from £10,000 - no limit. 

Buying a boat is an important investment decision. If you do not keep up repayments on any debt secured on it, any asset used as security may be repossessed or forfeited.

Our finance specialists are on hand to offer you expert guidance and support you through the buying process.

If you would like to find out more about marine mortgage or financing, get a quick quote below or call us today on +44 (0)28 2565 6000

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