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Vision Asset Finance helps private and public sector organisations invest in LED (light-emitting diode) lighting.

LED Lighting Finance overcomes the often higher purchase costs associated with the equipment. Clear, realistic and rapid returns on investment can be easily demonstrated.

LED lighting has come of age and many large-scale commercial and industrial customer are adopting this ultra efficient lighting. In commercial facilities, lighting accounts for 30 to 50 percent of energy consumption and retro-fitting a facility with LED lighting can save upwards of 90% in lighting costs. LED lights run cooler, emit more light per watt, have a life of 50,000+ hrs and allow for dimming.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • LED Lighting Finance can help accelerate your carbon reduction targets
  • Funding facilities from £10,000 to £millions
  • Anticipated energy savings offset the finance payments and enable the new equipment to pay for
  • The entire lifecycle of projects can be financed with terms of up to ten years
  • Funding available for commercial, industrial and government projects
  • Our low carbon consultants will assist with ROI calculations when financing options, tax relief and energy savings are all added together

LED lighting is considerably more expensive than traditional metal halide options, forcing many organisations to delay lighting retrofits until capital budgets become available. Our financing experts can structure LED Lighting Finance so that monthly payments are LESS than energy savings. With DECC (Dept. of Energy & Climate Control) supporting the move to make existing commercial buildings as energy efficient as possible, interest in LED lighting projects is rapidly increasing and with it the need for appropriate funding.

LED lighting retrofits pay back quickly, LED Lighting finance makes investment in LED lighting affordable by spreading payments across several years linked to energy savings.

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