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Financing a rally car is a specialist area of the market. If you need some financial support to purchase a rally car, we can help you.

Vision Asset Finance is experienced in financing new/used cars and other rally equipment.

Benefits of financing:

  • Flexible terms 2 to 5 years
  • Financing is available for private individuals, motorsport specialists or even race teams.
  • Loans from £3,000 to £750,000
  • Low deposits

What criteria do you need to meet?
To apply for a rally car finance, you will have to provide the information below:

  • Gross annual income
  • Are you a home owner?
  • How long you have lived at the current address?
  • Ownership of any other businesses and assets
  • Existing financial commitments i.e., rent or mortgage repayments
  • Other outstanding loans or debts

By financing a rally car, either for private car collection or track use, you can keep your money for other purchases or projects and manage your capital expenditure over your desired timeframe.

We offer a wide variety of finance options, each tailored to suit your personal circumstance and requirements.

Click below or contact our experienced team today on +44 (0)28 2565 6000 to ensure you get the best financing option for your rally car.

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