Asset Finance helps reduce waste within a circular economy

Asset finance is playing a significant role in supporting the principles and practices of a circular economy. The circular economy aims to move away from the traditional linear model of “take-make-dispose” towards a more sustainable and resource-efficient approach. In the context of a circular economy, asset finance is used in several ways: By utilizing asset finance within the context of … Read More

Delivering effective EdTech into Schools and Colleges in the midst of COVID-19

As we navigate yet another lockdown cycle, schools and colleges face a steep learning curve to rapidly execute virtual curriculums. But, as we steer towards a post Covid-19 life, it is integral that we not only recognise what we have learnt, but also continue to implement it, to evolve and improve the outcomes for our learners and educators. “The future … Read More

Vision Asset Finance partner with Adobe Sign

Vision Asset Finance (VAF), a leading UK based broker of asset finance facilities and financial services, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Adobe Sign.  The partnership will allow Vendor Partners and Clients, to sign, send, and manage their documents and agreements while reducing the costs and hassle of working with paper to transact business. Adobe Sign has been … Read More