Benefits of Recovery Loan Scheme – RLS

COVID – 19 has affected the small firms more than the large enterprises. Many businesses have shut down while others are still striving to sustain. The recovery loan scheme announced in the spring 2021 budget, aims to kickstart business with financial aid. RLS is an excellent option to inject much needed capital into your business. Backed by the British Business … Read More

Delivering effective EdTech into Schools and Colleges in the midst of COVID-19

As we navigate yet another lockdown cycle, schools and colleges face a steep learning curve to rapidly execute virtual curriculums. But, as we steer towards a post Covid-19 life, it is integral that we not only recognise what we have learnt, but also continue to implement it, to evolve and improve the outcomes for our learners and educators. “The future … Read More

Thinking Differently: Leading in Lockdown

We are living in an unprecedented moment. A significant time of global disruption. It feels like everything is changing, yet some things don’t change. We still need to run our organisations, manage our teams, somehow make sales just to name a few but how do we do it with this new normal? We do not have a manual for how … Read More