Leasing Windows 10 device upgrades

At Vision Asset Finance, we lease Windows 10 upgrades. Microsoft have announced that from Tuesday, 14 January, that support for Windows 7 will be no more. This announcement will force companies who are currently running this operating system to upgrade their technology. Without continued software and security updates, Windows 7 machines will be more likely to be infected with viruses and malware. This can leave companies more vulnerable. Possible issues include hackers stealing data, higher chance of software malfunctioning and a higher likelihood of becoming a victim of Cybercrime. The latter happened with the NHS in May 2017 and a report suggested this could have been avoided if their systems were up to date. 

It is estimated that 25% of Windows users are using Windows 7. Therefore if your organisation is one of the many that are still running this system, to ensure the safety of data and effectiveness of your technology, you need to take action now. This moment may be the opportunity you need to upgrade your technology and ensure you don’t leave your company exposed. 

An upgrade in technology can be daunting unless you have the technical support and the up front finance readily available. At Vision Asset Finance, we can provide a solutionOver the last 20 years, we have specialised in financing business technology. We work with many reputable resellers who can help you with upgrades  for your systems. Through us, many companies have already taken advantage of our leasing service to upgrade their technology and ensure their systems are running Windows 10, the recommended upgrade from Microsoft.

The Benefits of Leasing Technology

Here are five benefits why leasing technology could be for you in this moment:

  • No Up Front Costs, Spread the Costs with Flexible Payment Options – Leasing plans enable you to spread the cost. Technology can be expensive therefore it may not be possible to buy it up front. Cash remains king in all economic conditions. Preserving your working capital will enable you to invest in things that provide you with a greater return than purchasing equipment.
  • Easy Upgrades, Stay ahead of your Competitors – Leasing plans enable you to get the technology you need now while upgrade options will protect you from equipment becoming obsolete and ineffective.
  • Total Solution Financing – We can also include software, installation and other services in the arrangement to ensure your business keeps running smoothly. 
  • Fast Credit Decisions – Credit decisions can be made within a few hours and documentation emailed for your signature. With the end of Windows 7 this week, we can move on this fast.
  • Easy Equipment Disposal – We are able to provide a full service for disposal and recycling of redundant equipment. Some software might only operate in Windows 7, therefore some equipment may need upgraded.

Whether you have one office or hundreds around the world, we can offer financing to fit your needs and budgets. We are independent of vendors and manufacturers, you can lease any brand of technology you choose. Therefore get an instant quote here or contact our experienced team today on  +44 (0)28 2565 6000. Ensure Microsoft’s announcement doesn’t impact your business.