Hi-Tech Master Lease offers simplicity for IT Upgrades

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IT Project Financing with a Hi-Tech Master Lease Agreement

IT projects are frequently complicated and can take time to deliver and fully implement. Add to this, purchasing different components from different suppliers can often present a challenge when managing payments to suppliers and company cash-flow.

The Hi-Tech Master Lease Agreement (MLA) from Vision Asset Finance aims to simplify and streamline the procurement administration and smooth the cash-flow over appropriate leasing terms depending on the asset. In essence you get the following: –

Benefits of the Master Lease Agreement

  • One Master Set of Terms and Conditions
  • Attractive Financing Terms for the whole project
  • Flexibility on lease term per asset type
  • Easy upgrades
  • Attractive End of Lease options

The Hi-Tech MLA allows you to finance capital goods such as IT Hardware, Software, Office Equipment, Telecommunications, Medical or Security equipment and more. You define the term and contract provisions for each item type leased – always on the preferential terms of the Hi-Tech Master Lease Agreement.

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