Business Loans for Modular Buildings

Loans for Modular Buildings

Welcome to the Future of Buildings. Vision Asset Finance partners with KES Group to deliver business loans for modular buildings alongside their SmartBuild programme. When time and money are at a premium, efficiency is everything. A high-performance prefabricated building is often the perfect decision.

Off-site construction offers a building that is designed and precisely tailored to meet your requirements. Fully project managed by KES Group under their SmartBuild Programme, there’s no hassle and no stress involved; just sit back and watch your vision come to life – and reap the rewards of Smartbuild efficiency for years to come.

Why have a business loan for your Modular Building?

Business Loans are ideal facilities to spread the cost of your Modular Buildings over time. This ensures that you can move quickly and effectively into your new offices therefore find out more by applying today. You can also speak to our team on 028 2565 6000 to find the perfect loan for your project

Who are Vision Asset Finance?

Trading for over 20 years, we specialise in finance for all types of business assets. This ranges from IT infrastructure to coffee machines, from helicopters to gym equipment, from school equipment to new stock. Our experienced team can help whatever your need is and whatever size of organisation you are.

We offer competitive financing of equipment for your organisation or for your client. We do this by partnering with an extensive range of banks, lenders, funders and suppliers who we have close relationship with. As a result, you can benefit from our network to ensure you get the most competitive financing that is available, through one simple and quick application. Rather than the hassle of contacting a number of different lenders, let us do the hard work for you.

Contact us today on 028 2565 6000 to find a perfect loan for your Modular Building or for any other business financing you need.

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